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L' Aperitivo

                               Any dish plus any Drink £15

  Affettati  Toscani
  Grissini e Taralli

Selection of Tuscan cold Meats , bread                     sticks and taralli

Bruschetta , burrata , pomodorini pesto fresco basilico e pistacchi

Bruschetta with tomatoes, burrata cheese        fresh basil and pistachios pesto

          Verdurine  fritte
  con  maionese di datterini

Deep fried vegetables served with homemade baby plum tomatoes                                  mayonnaise

Pizzetta Capperi  acciughe e                 peperoncino fresco

Tomato ,Capers ,  anchovies and fresh                     chillies Pizzetta

Available from 6:30pm to 8pm at the bar

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